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How far can you go without term life insurance?

What IF the unimaginable happened? What IF you weren’t around to provide for those closest to you?

With Alumni Term Life Insurance from Manulife, you can help ensure that your loved ones are prepared for the unexpected.

Learn more about the coverage options available to you by playing the Game of IF. You’ll get a free quote, plus a chance to win one of three $1000 Cash Prizes.

How to play

Answer the following questions and tap "Start". You’ll be shown an important ‘IF’ life moment and a short question to answer. We’ll use your answers to customize a solution for you. Ready?
Select your Game Piece:
Do you smoke?
Two incomes are better than one. But how would your family be impacted if suddenly there was only one source of income? Alumni Term Life Insurance can help minimize the financial burdens they may face.
Are you budget-conscious?
Have mortgage insurance? Alumni Term Life Insurance could be a better alternative. The value of coverage doesn't change, while mortgage insurance benefit decreases as you pay down your loan.
Will your mortgage be paid off in the next 10 years?
Parents want to give their kids a great start in life. In the event you’re not there, Alumni Term Life Insurance can help pay for their care or future tuition expenses.
Would you like insurance coverage for your child(ren) also?

We think you can tackle a lot of life’s IFs with the following plans.

Term Life
Term Ten
18-70 years of age
18-70 years of age
Increments (per unit)
Maximum Coverage
Termination of Coverage
At age 85

At age 85

Child Life and Accident, Major Accident Protection
10% savings with coverage of $280,000 or more
The more units of coverage you purchase, the lower the per unit cost
The Differentiator
Less expensive when you’re younger, but premiums increase as you enter a new age-band
Slightly more expensive, but premiums are guaranteed not to change for 10 years regardless of health changes
The Bottom Line
Short-term coverage that's flexible for the budget-conscious
Long-term coverage for the risk-adverse
Coverage Amount
Price Per Month
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